Thursday, June 01, 2006

Haiku #911

America Weeps.
Tears rain from F/A-18s,
forcing empathy.


Bucky said...

I once lived three days in the future. I did it for a week, which was just long enough for me to learn that not much changes in the 72 hours. So I figured why bother and hitchhiked against traffic while walking backwards until finally winding back where I started, which is the present moment. I have to say, Off the grid or Morton or whatever name you go by, you possess powerful, well, powers that make you, double well, a powerful doood. Now, you can use these powers for good or for evil. Your choice, friend. But before you ponder that thought, could you tell me one thing: will there be a skinny blonde on Robin Byrd’s show tonight? I’d really like to rub one out to a skinny blonde, really. Your, um, insight into this important matter would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yeah, and fuck you Diane! (My righteousness has been bruised by a “Diane” once, too, so I know where you’re coming from.)

Peace, friend.

hoyan said...

no i have never watched THX-1138.

hoyan said...

i googled it though.