Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Amazing Tbag

The Amazing TBag: well to start with lets just hear whats on your mind about the war in iraq this is an open blog so just let out what ever comes to mind first

You know, I am glad you didn't tell me your opinion first, because now I feel I can say whatever the hell I want.

The war in Iraq is a symptom of democracy and idealism in decay. What I mean to say is that those in charge are some of the angriest, amoral and apathetic leaders we have ever had (AAA).

Bush especially represents all that is wrong with the world: born wealthy, knowing only one sort of lifestyle, raised to see a world of endless bounty that should be taken at will. Like so many children of Western society, greed and vanity seem to be the impetus for Bush's decisions. He cloaks his actions with religious rhetoric and that dopey, straight-shootin cowboy schtick, but deep down inside he is very small and shallow man, concerned with social status, his family fortune, and doing big favors for his buddies so they'll like him. He is the epitome of an MBA graduate.

Like I said, Iraq is nothing more than a symptom of a societal disease. The world is slowly dying in many different ways, yet our leaders can do nothing but play an endless game of oil economics.

The greatest minds in the world should be dedicating their time and energy to projects that would make life better: sustainable energy, the cure for cancer, locomotion without pollution, that would be cool! Instead, we get more meaningless crap like Sugar Twin or those sporty mufflers that make your car sound like you haven't got a muffler.

What the hell was I talking about, Iraq? Fuck Iraq. Its just a big fucking sham.