Tuesday, March 14, 2006

My new Super Power

While gulping down my 12th extra-large triple-sugar coffee at work today, a queer feeling came over me. More specifically, the feeling came over my groinal area. I quickly excused myself to the lavatory and locked myself in the largest stall, the one reserved for the physically disabled. I unzipped, peeked inside and WHOA! My penis had shriveled to such a degree that it seemed to have retracted inside of me. My testes had done the same thing!

So that is my new super power. With enough coffee, I can make my genitals hide inside my body, thus rendering me impervious from kicks to the crotch.

I promise that I will only use this new-found power for the betterment of mankind. Try and kick me now, Diane, you sadistic fucking wench!