Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hey Obama

You won.
Well done.
You'll probably pick Hillary to run
her demographic blocs and such.


Anonymous said...

obama can't win, he is not an american, he is a muslim, his christian pastor is a flake, his wife is a black racist, his mom is white, his dad is a black muslim, he hates america, he is going to end the iraq war (then the american economy goes into disaster mode), all the millions of foreclosed homes in america will go to mexican immigrants, blacks and whites will have no place to live and cannot come to canada cause its tooooo cold. McCain will win, he will continue the iraq war, therin lies the secret of all america's success in the world, war upon war.

Off the Grid said...

And he didn't pick Hillary either! Good for him.

Robert said...

Yikes! Congratulations Anonymous: you've just left the least insightful comment ever! My favorite part was when the Mexicans get all of the sub-prime homes. Bravo! That's the kinda crazy you cant fake. What did i come here to comment on again? Oh yeah! Nice new wall paper Morton, very creepy. Just not as creepy as ol' Anonymous there.

See ya at work Morton!

Eat shit and die Anonymous!

Anonymous said...


Just wonder if you went to pay homage to God-Obama yesterday when he was in Ottawa?
Eat some more nigger shit Bob!

Off the Grid said...

Unfortunately, Obama's true likeness cannot be gazed upon in person by mere commoners such as we.

Furthermore, Anonymous, how do you know Robert is from Canada? Have you been looking at his proflle? You can't just go hinting at some not-readily-apparent preknowledge of a person and not come off as creepy. Everyone knows that! Coupled with the fact that you are posting anonymously, the creepiness is only magnified.

Then again, I tell people that I can travel through time. We all have social problems.