Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Off to Work

Yes, dear readers, Morton has a new job! It was difficult to find a position that was compatible with my temporal fluxes, but in all truthiness, I haven't suffered a jump in many months, and the entire episodic nightmare seems to have passed. That being said, I cannot commit myself to any sort of career where lives might be at stake, where others will depend on me, nor where I might find a semblance of happiness only to wake up one morning and discover that I was fired three weeks ago.

A high-school janitor graveyard shift seems a perfect fit. My supervisor is a spastic and wrinkly man named Carl, with permed hair and knobbly knees poking out from under his white company shorts. More on Carl later. To celebrate, I have created this minimalist laser-light portrait using MS Paint. Your welcome.