Friday, July 21, 2006

Jedi Master Snazz

Instead of a long, long time ago, it's only a long time ago, and Jedi Master Snazz continues the war against the darkside with cunning flips, x-ray vision, and a blaster in the offhand. Watch him FREAK OUT on the old fashioned Sith lords with their namsy pamsy parlour tricks by comparsion! Clones? Master Snazz practises on clones when he isn't fighting more worthwhile opponents. Who can stop Snazz? No one can stop Snazz.

Beware, evil doers! This isn't just your ordinary arbitrator of petty trade disputes, but the dude they keep locked up until SOMEONE NEEDS AN ASS WHOOPING! You may not believe this, but in all his days of enforcing grim justice, Snazz has never soiled his uniform. Who has time to use the force to repel flying blood and guts while inflicting mortal wounds on his unlucky foe? Snazz does.

"May the Force Be AWESOME!" - Jedi Master Snazz

Hero Machine