Friday, July 14, 2006

If I die before 2008 ...

I must admit, dear reader, that living in the future does have its drawbacks. And I want you to know that I fully appreciate the fact that all I've ever done so far is complain about it, making the last statement rather flippant and equivocal. Take for instance, the growing dissatisfaction amongst the American public with Bush. (Note that I might have mentioned earlier that no blog is a blog without at least one Bush post. I never said I'd never bring it up again! The savvy amongst you will have noticed that this is actually the third). Sure, its slowly dawning on the wingnuts and hillbillies that their fearless leader is actually completely useless, but I can tell you with a measured degree of certainty that four days from now, or right now if you're me, or four days ago if you're me four days from now, a very remarkable number of white folks will be tuning into Jack Van Impe to hear his latest predictions of the apocalypse and what a wonderful day that will be, an even more remarkable number of rich and lonely advertising consultants will watch Bill O'Reily complain about two or three extremely irrelevant subjects, and finally, millions and millions and millions of us around the globe will bitterly complain about the weather.

What is your point, Milton?

Didn't I just say flippant and equivocal?


Raoul Duke said...

MILTON: Have heard about your temporal displacement STOP recommend spinning rapidly anti-clockwise in a chair STOP if I die before 2008 I will regret only that I did not mail a box of human feces to Prince STOP please check your Geiger counter regularly to ensure it has good batteries STOP remember if you need a ride all you have to do is hold out your thumb STOP don't forget your towel FULL STOP Zaphod